Sincerest thanks for visiting this site. We are telling the world the tragic story of injustice to a minority in two countries. We bear no ill will toward Bangladesh or Pakistan. Our only objective is alleviation of sufferings of this minority. We are proud to be the most comprehensive source of information and evidence about the history of these the poorest of the poor, stateless people who are near extinction. We want to persuade you to take action. Everyone can make a difference, regardless of country of citizenship, race, ethnicity, or religion. Remember, we are all answerable for our actions and inaction to ourselves and to God Almighty.

A small linguistic minority who spoke Urdu lived in a region called East Pakistan. Most were from the Indian state of Bihar and had reached East Pakistan about two decades earlier to escape communal violence in India in 1947 when Pakistan was created. In their new country they worked hard and they prospered. Locals referred to them as Biharis. Biharis were often perceived as privileged, their language and political beliefs were very unpopular. The Bengali speaking majority had many genuine grievances against the federal government, dominated by West Pakistanis. Eventually the Bengalis elected Awami League with an overwhelming mandate and demanded realignment of the political system as well as redress of their grievances. In March 1971 there was extensive violence against the Biharis in East Pakistan. (Read excerpts from Blood and Tears) The federal government was able to control the rebellion for a few months however a political compromise could not be worked out between East and West Pakistan. India intervened militarily on behalf of the Bengali population and a civil war turned in to an international conflict. On 15th of December 1971 Pakistan was defeated and East Pakistan became Bangladesh. (Learn History of Stateless in Bangladesh and Pakistan)

After independence of Bangladesh the flood gates of oppression opened wider, many thousands more Biharis were killed, all of their homes and businesses were confiscated, they were fired from their jobs, their bank accounts seized, their kids expelled from schools and they once more had to seek refuge. International Red Cross created camps to save them from total annihilation. Most did not want to live in Bangladesh, after the battering they had received. So half a million chose to leave for, what was left of their country, Pakistan.

Pakistan only accepted about one third of this population for repatriation, 250-300 thousand have been living as stateless people in Bangladesh for more than a quarter of a century. Their story of woes in Bangladesh is as cruel as it is long. (Read excerpts from “Internment Camps of Bangladesh”) (Read excerpts from “Biharis in Bangladesh”). These Stateless people continued returning to their country of citizenship by whatever means possible. At this time there are at least 100 thousand living in Pakistan who are not recognized as citizens of Pakistan. Urdu-speaking are a minority in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan amended her citizenship act by ordinance (Read Pakistan’s constitution and amendment to citizenship act) ) to deny nationality of the remaining Stranded Pakistanis (Aka Biharis). Pakistan’s denial of nationality was without a reason, retroactive, and with out due process of law. This has never been challenged in a Pakistani court of law but is patently unconstitutional and illegal. Remember this minority is not guilty of or even charged with any offence in either country.

The right to citizenship of a state is a basic human right according to the following widely subscribed international conventions:
•   Universal Declaration of Human Rights
•   International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial      Discrimination
•   International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
•   Convention on the Rights of the Child
Bangladesh and Pakistan both have violated numerous national laws and international conventions in the treatment of this group. (Full List of International Conventions) Please learn more about our objectives and help us (Volunteer, Donate) to save lives and dignity of thousands of men, women and children TODAY.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
British Philosopher, Edmund Burke 1729-1797


Inform the world about the plight of stateless people in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

• Assist them in gaining their basic human rights in the country of their choice, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

• We are a non-profit, non-political organization to provide legal advocacy and humanitarian assistance to the stateless…

• The solution to this chronic and horrible tragedy is incredibly simple. The Government of Pakistan should distribute temporary ID cards which were prepared for the Stranded Pakistanis and are available from Rabitta Al Alam Al-Islami. Many will relocate themselves, others will be helped to relocate by relatives and charitable organizations. This can all be accomplished in just a few months at no cost to the Government of Pakistan.

• The Government of Pakistan must recognize the citizenship of all within her borders including those being denied Identity Cards who relocated themselves to Pakistan from Bangladesh.

• The Government of Bangladesh should formally recognize the citizenship of all Stranded Pakistanis who wish to remain in Bangladesh.
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