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Law of Abandoned Properties in Bangladesh

Shortly after Independence of Bangladesh, the Government of Bangladesh promulgated several laws that were intended to manage properties abandoned by the Biharis. Biharis, who in order to save their souls had gone to the ICRC sponsored camps. Of course those who could, fled to Nepal, Burma and Pakistan. These laws applied to not only residential but also commercial and movable properties of the Biharis. Following is the list of chapters contained in the texts obtained by us.

In addition to these laws, the Government of Bangladesh also published a multi-volume catalog listing of properties taken over. These properties, for the most part, were taken over by the Awami League officials without any compensation to the rightful owners. Some even took over multiple properties.

On the surface, these laws look just like any other laws any government may pass in order to deal with a circumstance it faces. To see these laws in their proper context all you have to do is substitute the word 'Abandoned' in the title of each chapter with 'Confiscated'. These laws made many thousands of middle class families in to paupers overnight.

  • The Abandoned Building (Supplementary Provisions) Ordinance 1985
  • The Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Taking Over Possession Rules)
  • The Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Land, Building and any other Property) Rules, 1972
  • The Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Industries) Rules 1972
  • The Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Motor Vehicles) Rules 1972
  • The Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Disposal of Light Vehicles) Rules 1972
  • The Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Cash, Ornaments and Bullion) Rules 1972

    Comment: Who abandons cash in an emergency? "Ornaments" read jewelry, "Bullion" other valuables. Full scale division of the loot was in progress under cover of law.

  • The Bangladesh Cantonment Abandoned Property (Land and Building) Rules 1973
  • The Bangladesh Abandoned Property (Administrator's Efficiency and Discipline) Rules 1973
  • The Abandoned Travel Agencies (Determination of Liabilities)

    Comment: How nice -- they took the time to divide liabilities, no doubt the liabilities belong to the Biharis. Similar looting and pillaging of Biharis is continuing unchecked to this day by public and private entities.

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