Message to Bangladeshi Friends
Our Request to you

You may be very knowledgeable about the history of Bangladesh and may have strong opinions on these matters. That is fine. Please just say to yourself, for the few moments that you are here, that I am going to pretend that I know nothing and hear an old story from a different angle. Our only responsibility is to tell the truth and help an oppressed community. We are and will remain friends of Bangladesh whether you chose to help us or ignore us, May Allah bless you.

We cordially welcome our Bangladeshi friends to this site

People of Pakistan have known and accepted for a long time that East Pakistan and Bengalis were treated unfairly in Pakistan in sharing of political power and allocation of resources. Denial of their language rights was the first step in the wrong direction and it culminated in untold atrocities against the Bengalis during suppression of their struggle for independence.

We accept that some Biharis cooperated with the Pakistan Army out of fear. But there were many who supported the freedom struggle and fought for freedom of Bangladesh.

Individual motivations aside majority of Biharis stood for a united Pakistan (a very unpopular political opinion) and spoke Urdu. Neither of which can be a basis for depriving a quarter of a million humans (and fellow Muslims) and their future generations their basic human rights. The measure of civility of a society is how she treats her minorities. How do you wish your country to measure?

The story of Bangladesh and of Pakistan has been told countless times by many actors and in myriad forms. The tragic story of this voiceless minority has remained untold. This is the one site in the world that has compiled hundreds of pieces of that story for future generations to learn from and historians to ponder over.

Like them or hate them "Biharis" have been a part of Bangladesh for the last 60 years and may remain a part of you for the foreseeable future. Any laws, attitudes, opinion or feelings that oppress them are not in the interest of your country and are unworthy of proud and independent Bangladesh.

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