Message to Sindhi Friends
Thank you very much for visiting this site and learning about stranded Pakistanis.

Many Pakistanis are not aware of the generosity and warmth of the people of Sindh. Sindhis were the first in 1946 to accommodate refugees fleeing from the great killings of Bihar. Bihar colony was one of the first settlements of refugees in Karachi.

We acknowledge that Sindhis have many grievances regarding allocation of resources against the federation of Pakistan. These grievances must be fully investigated and rectified as soon as possible to give the people of Sindh their fair share.

All of us are absolutely committed to protecting and promoting justice for all citizens including inhabitants of Sindh. The opposition of most Sindhi political leaders to the citizenship of stranded Pakistanis is based on prejudice and fear. We are opposed to use of public funds for transportation, resettlement and rehabilitation of stranded Pakistanis. We further believe that the stranded Pakistanis should be given incentives to settle in areas where their return will cause minimum economic burden and social disruption. The majority position of Sindhi population in the province of Sindh is well established and it will not be jeopardized even if the 250,000 stranded Pakistanis were to settle in Sindh.

Return of stranded Pakistanis is their legal and constitutional right and must be restored to them. If the leaders of Sindh insist on treating this minority unjustly then how do they plan to defend the interests of Sindhi minority in the federation of Pakistan?

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere - Late Martin Luther King Junior (American Civil Rights Leader)

Please join us in ending this painful chapter of our history. May God bless you and end the suffering of the Stateless.
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