Our Mission
• Inform the world about the plight of stateless people in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

• Assist them in gaining their basic human rights in the country of their choice, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

• Keep abreast of developments in Bangladesh, Pakistan and around the world as it affects stateless people in these two countries.
Another boy lost his childhood to poverty.

• Provide this group with a way to communicate with the world.

• Provide relief and developmental aid to communities of stateless people in both countries.

• Advocacy on behalf of stateless in various forums.

• Create a repository of historical information and legal evidence regarding persecution of this minority in both countries.

Boys and girls as young as 6 have to work to make a living

Current and Future Projects
• Create a world-class documentary telling the story of the stateless people in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

• Petition on behalf of this group in the highest courts to seek relief and redress.

• When appropriate apply for redress in International human rights fora.

• Seek assistance of civil society, religious and justice organizations worldwide for an end to this tragedy. So this population can improve their lot in life in the manner and to the extent they choose.
A little girl getting a drink of water.

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