"We Shall Overcome"
A Message to the Stateless in Bangladesh and Pakistan
You are the honorable descendants of a great culture and believers of the greatest faith. You are true patriots regardless of the side you chose or now choose. You have lived in great misery and fought a valiant battle against adversity. You may be covered in darkness with out light of hope now or in the future, you were abandoned by your country and mistreated in ways unimaginable to the civilized world.
We salute the worthy citizens of Pakistan, who are being denied acceptance as true patriots and citizens in Pakistan. Based on an unconstitutional amendment of the Citizenship Act of Pakistan by the Government of Pakistan. We need all of you to join us in ending this illegal and immoral massive and arbitrary denial of nationality to a minority in Pakistan.
Abandon not hope for we are determined to obtain justice for all Pakistanis regardless of their region, language, culture, religion, social status or income level. We promise to do all we can and never to forget any of the victims. Some day you will all be citizens of the country of your choice. Your  feet  will  touch  and  your lips will kiss your beloved land. May Allah keep you in his care and shower you with his blessings.

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