"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."
Edmund Burke 1729-1797
Welcome Volunteers

We hope that We hope that we have provided you basic information about this human tragedy. We invite men and women of conscience and compassion the world over to join us as volunteers in this cause.

• Enjoy the satisfaction of helping one of the most deserving causes
• Many Volunteer Assignments Immediately Available
• Assignments are not listed in any particular order.
• We provide necessary training.
• Most assignments can be tailored to your skills, resources, needs and circumstances.
• You may earn community service or educational credits. We provide certificate of your non-monetary contributions too.
• Your suggestions and comments are appreciated.

1. We would like to have a roster of knowledgeable speakers available to speak on this issue in major cities in the English-speaking world. If you are interested in speaking out on this issue kindly contact us immediately. We will brief you with latest facts and figures and keep in touch with you.

2. E-mail a link to this web site to everyone in your address book with a strong recommendation to assist us.

3. In the near future we will have brochure that you can download or print to give away as background information or post on the bulletin boards in public places such as retail stores, schools, offices or Masajid.

4. A copy of our web site is available on CD. This can be used for presentation to small groups even without an Internet connection. Request it today.
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